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- If you wish to fill out all necessary forms electronically and apply for your Belarus visa online - (you will still need to mail us your actual passport).

- If you wish to print necessary visa forms, fill them out and apply for your Belarus visa by mail, please continue with this page.

All of the following documents must be received by our office before processing your visa to Belarus.


  • , thoroughly completed
  • Your actual passport with at least 2 blank visa-designated pages. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after intended departure from Belarus
  • One passport-size photograph
  • Visa support document, where applicable (see visa types below)
  • Proof of legal status in the US for non-US citizens.
  • Proof of loss of Belarus/Soviet citizenship for those who immigrated from Belarus or the Former Soviet Union
  • ONE , completed and signed
  • Payment: A company or personal check or money order made payable to "GO TO RUSSIA Travel" (see table below for amounts). To pay for your Belarus visa by credit card, please . Include the form in the package that you mail to us.

The following rates apply for processing your Belarus visa request. Our staff guarantees that your Belarus visa application materials will be complete and couriered directly to and from the Consulate.

Belarus Tourist Visa Processing Rates:

Belarus visa fee includes consular fee, courier fee, and our service charge.

Processing time
8 days
3 days
Private Single Entry 1 month
Private Double Entry 1 month
Tourist Single Entry 1 month
Tourist Double Entry 1 month
Business Single Entry 1 month
Business Double Entry 1 month
Business Multiple Entry up to 12 months
Transit Single Entry 48 hours


For a Private/Homestay/Visitor’s Visa, the applicant is required to provide an original invitation. The applicant’s relatives or friends should obtain invitation (“zaprashenne”) at the local passport and visa office of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. In case of emergency (unexpected illness, death of a relative, etc.) visas can be issued upon submitting a certified cable from a doctor or a clinic in Belarus.

Citizens of the US, Canada, members of EU and select other countries who intend to stay in the Republic of Belarus for no longer than 30 days when visiting a private person do not need to provide letters of invitation. Still, the inviting person and their address must be indicated in the visa application form.

For a Tourist Visa, the applicant must provide an original invitation issued by an authorized Belarus travel agency. If you would like for Go To Russia Travel to obtain such invitation for you, please contact us for details. In most cases, a reservation at a hotel and booking of travel services is required in order to obtain a tourist invitation. Additional fees (cost of invitation, international shipping), besides cost of travel arrangements, will apply.

For a Business Visa, the applicant must provide an original letter of invitation from a company or an organization in the Republic of Belarus, which is registered as a legal entity by the Belarus authorities. The letter of invitation should be printed on the official letterhead with a registration number, date of issue, and should bear the signature of an official and a corporate seal. It should also indicate the expected duration of the applicant's stay in Belarus. The inviting party must provide written guarantees that the invitee will abide by the rules and regulations applied to foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus.

Citizens of the US, Canada, members of EU and select other countries who intend to stay in the Republic of Belarus for no longer than 30 days when visiting a company or an organization do not need to provide letters of invitation. Still, the inviting organization and its address must be indicated in the visa application form.

Multiple-entry long-term business visa requires confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.

For a Transit Visa, the applicant is required to have (in their passport) a visa for the country they will enter after transiting through Belarus. In case of traveling to a country that requires no visa for the applicant, it is required to provide a copy of the ticket, itinerary from travel agent or any other credible document confirming the trip to the appropriate country.


Your visa must be registered within 3 business days upon your arrival to Belarus. When you arrive at the border, you are required to fill out a Migration Card, part of which will be retained by the passport control. The other part will be returned to you with an entry stamp. It is used for visa registration and must be presented to passport control upon departure from Belarus, so please keep it on you with your documents at all times!

If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel staff will register your visa for the duration of your stay at the hotel. If you are staying at a private residence, your visa must be registered at the Passport and Visa Department (formerly OVIR) in the city/district where you reside. You will need to be accompanied by your host or landlord and present your passport, Migration Card and proof of insurance and pay the fee of $7.50 (in local currency). The mandatory insurance is sold at the international airport upon your arrival. If you arrive to Belarus by train or car, it is your responsibility to obtain such insurance in the city where you are staying prior to your visa registration. The two Belarus agencies that insure foreign travelers are Belgosstrah and Beleximgarant.

Please keep in mind the importance of visa registration, as you may encounter problems with Passport Control upon your departure from Belarus and have to pay a fine of up to $150 in the event your visa is not registered.


Although we guarantee our services, there are circumstances which we cannot control. We are not responsible for visas that are stolen, lost or damaged in the mail. We cannot guarantee that a visa will be issued, as the Consulate may refuse to grant entry/exit visa for any reason. Your Consular fees are reimbursable only if you are denied an entry visa, and the Consulate has offered to refund its fee. Otherwise, such fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice.

Please note that we start processing on the day we receive your complete paperwork. One day should be added for FedEx delivery of your visa to your home. Be aware that Consulates are closed for all U.S. and their national holidays. Please call us for information on specific country's National holidays.


Per person

Pick up in San Francisco office - $0.00
Second day Fedex - $20
Standard Overnight - $25
Priority Overnight - $30
Saturday delivery - $40

Your Own Prepaid Self-Addressed Envelope - $5.00

Please mail your Belarus visa paperwork by overnight mail (recommended) to this address:

Visa Department
309 Peters st. Unit A,
Atlanta, Georgia 30313
Phone: (404) 827-0099

We accept and sign for all mail deliveries Monday-Saturday. Your package needs to get to our office by 3:30pm to be processed on the same day